Weight Loss & Health

I (have) been struggling with my weight for more than 20 years. I have now taken a completely different outlook on my weight. I am visualising giving my weight away, as I no longer need it. I am eating lots of fruit and vegetables which are mainly raw. I am reducing my fat and salt intake substantially, and aim not to have it in my diet at all. I am now eating a vegan diet, and have being dabbling with it for a while now, but now I am in the right mind set to set sail on a new adventure.

My inspiration for my new lifestyle comes from the beautiful FREELEE who promotes the low fat, high carb vegan fruitarian lifestyle. Her boyfriend Harley a.k.a (Durian Rider) has also had a huge influence on my family's life.

I will be updating regularly on youtube, my weight loss journey too.

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  1. How is your healthier eating and weight loss journey going?

  2. Time for an update!!! I need inspiration